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I am Raja, a UX/UI Designer and Front End Developer from Chennai, India. The story of me becoming a web designer didn’t happen within a day. My passion with colors grew with me from my childhood. My curiosity with technology and digital world made me explore myself into the world of Web Designing. As technology grew, I was also brushing up my skillsets and exploring my capabilities with the advanced tools. It was then that I found out I really liked to code, and I really like learning about and helping people tell the stories of their business to the world. I got passionate with HTML and CSS. For the past three years, I have strived to turn the everyday into something new. I pride myself in providing unique solutions to vexing design problems. I am a designer at itsyourskills.COM and founder of the original pixarpixel.IN. I attempt to keep you informed on Designraja.IN.


Hi! I'm a freelance website designer, working as freelancer since 2012 and it has been great. So incredible infact that I've become addicted to my work and I really do live and breathe in site Design. I am in reliable self change and continually watchful for my next shocking Project. In case you may need to work with me, check whether I can redesign your web region, or if you have an alternate enquiries ...

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Have an idea? Need help making it a reality. I can help you or your team.


Need a killer design? You have come to the right place. I pride myself on creating something unique.


Ready for some code? Yep, I can do that too. Let me help you code out your project.


A beautiful, fast, easy-to-use website that works across modern devices and optimised for search engines.

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I respect my work. I never neglect my work. I love fun and I am also serious too.

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